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Mission Statement

The Yellow Breeches Watershed Association (YBWA) is committed to cooperatively foster public understanding and sound management of environmental resources in the Yellow Breeches Watershed. The YBWA is a non-profit group of volunteers committed to having a positive impact on the watershed and our community. We monitor water quality, participate in stream clean-ups, educate, and promote the importance of the creek to the people who live here.  We also complete projects to improve conditions of the stream and the surrounding landscape, so that people can enjoy these natural resources for generations to come.

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  1. Coordinate a regional voice for communicating philosophy and practices to enhance watershed environmental resources management.

  2. Provide continuing education and information sharing opportunities for members and interested stakeholders

  3. Effectively disseminate watershed management information to members, public officials, regulators, key professionals, and the public.

  4. Support and participate in watershed monitoring of the Yellow Breeches Creek and its tributaries.

  5. Support projects, which maintain or improve watershed resources and environmental quality.

  6. Develop alliances with other watershed organizations and mentor others.

  7. Recognize and promote good watershed stewardship and best management practices.

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Shawn Fabian, President

Brook Lenker, Vice President

John Eby, Treasurer

Rich Pugh, Secretary


Susan Boling

Phillip Brath

Rebecca Buckham

Andrew Reese

Charlie Young

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